Organic Biochar (Rice Husk Biochar)


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Organic Biochar (Rice Husk Biochar) is available in very affordable price. Delivered all over Pakistan. Cash on Delivery also available.

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Organic Biochar (Rice Husk Biochar)

Organic Biochar (Rice Husk Biochar) is available in affordable price. Rice husk biochar produced by low temperature pyrolysis of these rice hulls and also traditionally used in Japan as a soil ameliorant. Now, it is also using in Pakistan as a soil ameliorant.  Different types of media and seedling trays (325072128200 and Hydroponic tray) are also available.

Organic Biochar (Rice Husk Biochar)


Product name: Organic Biochar (Rice Husk Biochar)

Made of: Rice husk.

Weight: 1 Kg.

Package include: Organic Biochar (1 pcs).


Delivery Options: Delivered all over Pakistan.
Cash on Delivery also available. Delivery Charges will be 300 Rs.

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 Organic Biochar (Rice Husk Biochar)

Benefits of biochar

Benefits of biochar application on environment conservation and agricultural production have been widely studied. However, few studies were focused on root development. The objective of this study covered root and shoot development, yield, and soil properties associated with exposure of Oryza glaberrima rice during the early reproductive stage to drought stress in rice-husk amended soil. The biochar amended at a rate of 10.5 g pot-1, equivalent to 3 ton ha-1. Biochar-amended and non-amended plants exposed to drought stress after the panicles had visibly emerged in all plant populations. Biochar application caused less restriction on root elongation, volume, and surface area during water stress conditions.

Enhanced root development was primarily associated with improvement in water status and chemical properties in biochar-amended soil. Soil chemical properties improved, including increased soil pH, available P, cation exchange capacity, and exchangeable Mg. Under drought stress conditions, shoot growth was more sensitive than root growth, as indicated by the significant reduction of stem dry weight (SDW) and leaf dry weight (LDW). Fine roots in biochar-amended soil were longer than those in non-amended soil.

Numerous studies had reported the significant positive effects of biochar application on root traits. Application of biochar improved root biomass, root morphology, root nutrient concentration, and root-associated microbes.


Organic Biochar (Rice Husk Biochar)


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